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Constellations of Care

Constellations of Care is an Arts Council funded project in partnership with The Lowry, 42nd Street and the Care Lab, Whitworth Art Gallery. This project will explore what Care sounds like. Collaborating with a team of multidisciplinary creatives, we will work with 3 groups of young carers (supported by 42nd Street & The Lowry’s Arts for Social Change programme) over 6 sessions each & invite participants to reflect on the meaning & sounds of “care” in their lives using tools such as group discussion, creative exercises, deep listening, sound mapping & spoken word/poetry writing. The resulting material will then be collated into soundscapes that illustrate how care manifests sonically in participant Young Carers’ lives and form the basis of an immersive, audio-visual installation that will be exhibited at the Lowry as part of Submerge Festival in June 2024.

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